About Us

Propia Tierra Management Ltd is a family owned company with long-standing interests in the real estate market in the Limassol region of Cyprus.

We own and acquire residential and commercial properties and vacant, undeveloped land which we utilise for long- or short-term rentals, for sale, or to form part of a development investment with other interested parties.

Our corporate strengths are drawn from a combination of ability, integrity, loyalty and experience – values that our clients respect us for.

We manage all of the properties we own, providing tenants with excellent support and service. Our management philosophy can be summarised as ‘having pride in our ownership’, because as a family company we take great pride in all that we do.

Propia Tierra’s pride in ownership and its family reputation for a mindset that extends beyond the bricks and mortar impacts on the way we treat our employees, tradesmen, tenants, clients and advisors. As landlords, we proudly meet our obligations by managing compliance with all applicable legislation including health and safety, risk assessment and insurance.

Our long-term view ensures that when a tenant rents from Propia Tierra, they can be fully assured – knowing that we have been in the real estate business for a long time, and that we maintain all our properties to the highest level.


There are many aspects to our corporate philosophy and these form the basis of our interaction with our tenants and clients, our industry, the business community and the environment.

  • We take a long-term view of our business and our properties – respecting the past while always looking forward.
  • We grow our business at a sustainable rate. This ensures that we remain financially responsible and successful.
  • We take great pride in our properties. This shows in the level of maintenance and quality of service we provide and helps to differentiate our properties from those of our competitors.

Our mission statement is: “We are a family enterprise dedicated to providing quality real estate solutions for business and life”. Therefore, Propia Tierra values its tenants and endeavours to treat each one fairly and with respect, constantly striving to provide prompt service and repairs in order to encourage long-term relationships.

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